Policitians in the UK and Worldwide have a pretty poor reputation, let’s face it public confidence in them is not the highest.  However collecting their tweets or following them on Twitter can be fun and it is a bit of laugh to see them fighting and arguing about what sometimes are storms in teacup sized issues.

Telford and Wrekin has its own fair share of disputes and debates.  Check out Debt levels at Telford and Wrekin

This Council has a good reputation but is piling on debt very fast which usually ends up in tears, it is fun to watch the arguments however on Twitter.

It just goes to show that even Local Government can make mistakes in just the same way as Building Societies which at one time were thought of as being as safe as houses, we then had the carpetbaggers, remember those and you would have thought Financial seniors would have at least learnt some of the lessons from that time, but here we have the exact same thing being played out again!

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