Been working on a collaborative solution check out Trello and our remote working notes section

It seems to be a good way for the team to reach out to each other, with Adrian in Bermuda and Ronnie in India it is ideal ))

There are so many great places that I use around the web, it really is tough to know where to start.

Bermudian Life – I enjoy contributing to this site, and when I have the time I add content to it.  Check out the following page for a list of the most popular and best Bermudian Attractions, the island is great and well worth a visit but be warned it is very expensive indeed.

Reporting Accounts is of course another one of our websites and a place I spend a lot of time working on each day.  An example of the sort of posts I make are as follows

Carillion – the Sudden Demise of a great company.

KPMG – a leading international Audit firma and also the auditors to Carillion above.

It is by building and promoting pages such as the above that I am growing the traffic on that site.  It is hard work and takes many hours of dedication, but the results are there to be seen and rewarding both from the satisfaction of a job well done and that income arrives in the bank each month via advertising revenues.