Croda International Plc has agreed to buy Iberchem for 820 million euros to become the largest cosmetic ingredient manufacturer in the highly competitive perfume market. Croda is part of the portfolio of the listed chemical company with more than 100 brands and remains one of the ten leading listed chemical companies worldwide. While Cowick, the British company based in London, is expanding through strategic acquisitions in several regions, it is differentiating itself by introducing innovative, sustainable and high-performance ingredients to the market. In addition to the fragrance business, Cro is also entering the fast-growing field of dietary supplements and is using its capacities to produce high-purity ingredients. [Sources: 0, 1, 2]

At the same time, the company’s focus on oleo chemicals has been strengthened by a number of acquisitions, including Westbrook Lanolin, based in the UK, which specialises in the development of lanolin-based products for the medical market. At Croda Inc., the new subsidiary Hummel Lanolins Corporation began production at its Newark plant in 2012, then closed its Rutgers plant and moved much of its operations to a new location in Edison, New Jersey. DXC Azure experts have designed the migration of the existing Azure cloud in which Cro da International operates to accelerate this migration and ensure an Azure environment that is agile, trustworthy and cost-effective, delivering the highest level of security, performance, reliability and scalability for our customers. [Sources: 0, 2]

Dr. Walter Shaw, CEO of Avanti, commented: “We are excited to join Croda, which shares our vision to deliver innovation through products and services to address urgent health needs around the world. Dr. Walter Shaw, CEO of avantis, said: “BlackArch was chosen because of its deep understanding of the research, products, pharmaceuticals and service markets, and its strong track record of innovation. [Sources: 3, 4]

Avanti will combine its leading position in lipid-based applications with Croda’s expertise in biopharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems to broaden the product and service portfolio for its common customer base. Avantis will be able to combine our leading positions in lipid-based applications and drug delivery systems to broaden the product and service offerings for our common customer base and we look forward to working with the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. [Sources: 3]

The project strengthens Croda’s commitment to reduce the impact of climate change on the world’s climate, land and people’s health and well-being. By using bio-based sources and developing innovative ingredients, Croda has committed itself to being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients to positively impact the climate, land and people by 2030. By supporting Smart Science’s mission to improve life by promoting sustainable agriculture, food security, health, education and innovation, and sustainable livelihoods, Croda is committed to its goal of becoming a Climate-Country-People Positive in 2030 and beyond. With our focus on sustainable, biodegradable and biocompatible materials from bio-based sources, we are committed to being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients to become a positive climate & country & people by 2025. In addition, the project will strengthen the company’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the next 20 years through its support of the Global Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative (GGI) and its collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) on a number of projects to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and food production. [Sources: 2, 3]

To expand these corporate objectives to global operations, Croda International is developing plans to further invest in its global research and development capabilities in biodegradable and biocompatible materials, as well as in sustainable agriculture and food production. [Sources: 2]

In the United States, the subsidiary Croda Inc. increases the assets of the parent companies through its own success. The following year, Cro da, which has grown organically to expand its product range and sales both to its domestic and foreign markets, made an important acquisition. One was the embedding of a men’s hair salon called Score, which helped the companies establish a leading supplier of products for the fast-growing ethnic hair care sector of the US market. This helped CroDA establish itself as a major ingredient supplier for a wide range of ethnic and ethnic-specific products on the market. [Sources: 0]

In the early 1960s, the company established subsidiaries in Italy and Germany, and Croda International lived up to its name by expanding worldwide through subsidiaries and partnerships. The company also won a rival bid to take over Croda in the early 1980s. [Sources: 0]

In 1957, the company acquired the lanolin business from the Hummel Chemical Company, based in Brooklyn, New York, through its subsidiary Croda Inc., and in 1957 acquired British Glues & Chemicals, giving it a stake in US-based Sovereign Specialty Chem Chemicals, Inc., which became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic chemicals. The company expected to sell its remaining industrial holdings by the beginning of the new century. This process began in 1978 with the acquisition of WH Harris & Co. based in Toronto, Canada. [Sources: 0]







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