Professional writing sites

Do you like to write for a hobby, its tough to get your work recognised or published as a writer, but there are quality sites on the internet that let you do just that.

I can recommend two such sites.

Article Alley – is an exciting community of writers and readers, its long established and has been around since 2004, it recently moved upmarket and now caters for only the higher quality niche of writers, a long time ago it was more of a mass publishing site, with all the changes brought in my Google over the last 10 years however it now caters for the premium author.

BrassKangaroo – its a funny name, but what that sticks in your mind, its run by the same provider as Article Alley but this is a new and fresh site, so here is a change to get in at the beginning and grow with them.  Its owned and run by the same outfit as Article Alley so they have a lot of experience and I am certain they will do well in time.

I hope you enjoy both of these sites and take the time and trouble to try them out, its a great way to get exposure for your work.

Tips – they both like and feature authors with their own profile pics, and long articles are rewarded over short ones, so aim for 2,000  + words and you will doubtlessly do well on both sites.

Good luck!


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