Interesting Stuff

Couple of posts caught my eye not sure what anyone else things of them, I try to limit my time on line each day, but more often than not I end up spending an hour or so per day researching stuff.

Best Books to learn about finance
Find Out More about marketing
Read More about companies

It is amazing how many hobbies people have, it seems half the planet has the hobby of posting stuff online !

A couple of our other websites that are worth taking a look at:-

Bloglovin – I have my own corner of the web on this popular RSS Aggregator type of site.

Strikingly – This is a free to use Blog type of platform and I have a mini site on their also.

Good Reads – Reading books is a great and beneficial Hobby of mine, I have a profile section on Good reads that shows you some of the books I enjoy – Politics, Biograhys and travel and featured heavily.

Reddit – Is a great Social Media site and I have a popular section on there also.

I hope over the coming months to expand this site as there are so many interesting hobbies that people have, one of mine isĀ  building and developing websites but I know the list is pretty much endless.

Report and Accounts – is a new site in our network which I am using to blog about aspect of financial and company news that catches my attention.